”For many years I’ve had allergic issues. I had allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and chronic allergic bronchitis. I had attacks every single morning for every single day. Sneezing and coughing would irritate me so much. I had headaches and my eyes were itchy and burning. I had difficulties breathing as well. I was especially irritated with grass pollen, hairs, dust and feather. I was living with these issues for years. I couldn’t clean my own appartment, all the mattresses had nylon covers, plus I had no mattresses or pillows containing feathers. Doctors have told me that there is no cure, but that my symptoms can only be alleviated a bit once they appear.

I’ve heard for dr. Despot from a friend, and although I did not know much about his RWE, I intuitively felt that he will help me. I had a choice to try his treatment, or to continue living like this. With the help of his treatment, I am completely allergy free now. I followed all his advices closely, about taking the Red Wine Extract and about his diet instructions. I had no doubt that I will succeed. And I did. Today I am happy because I learned about myself so much, and I have no allergy symptoms any more.

Lizzul Sabina

(allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and chronic allergic bronchitis)

”Since I used to try out nonconventional therapies even before I met dr. Despot, I decided to initiate his regimen as well, back in 2012. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that his product, RWE, was approved by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Croatia. I didn’t know much about his methods. I found out that besides taking his medication, I need to closely watch my diet and work on my habits.

I used to inform him of my 7-day diet once monthly. Although I wasn’t too strict about his diet instructions, I noticed improvement shortly after I started his treatment. Soon I stopped feeling attracted to foods that I had consumed before, and my body started leaning towards more natural, organic foods.  I was in contact with him via e-mail. When being diagnosed with kidney nephritis, I got a carnelian stone by dr. Despot, which I put above my kidneys on a regular intervals.

I used RWE for two years. Since my first usage of RWE, my ulcerative colitis is in a remission. My kidneys are under regular check-ups by the nephrologist and their condition hasn’t gone worse, it’s even a bit better. Other health issues which were frequent and disturbing, now are silent.  Nowadays, my diet is not so strict as when being treated, but I kept some of the most important healthy diet habits because I feel happier than. I do yoga, and I meditate. RWE usage and my faith in dr. Despot has not only healed me physically, it also changed my habits and my overall mental state.

Domina Peović

(Ulcerative colitis, Chronic nephritis)

”My son has begun to have strong and frequent attacks of acute obstructive bronchitis since the age of two. Medications which have been prescribed by a hospital doctor have offered only brief relief. By exploring and looking for help, we have found dr. Despot. By using Red Wine Extract and following a diet prescribed, in a few months he has felt a significant improvement. It hasn’t been easy for a little kid to follow a certain diet advices, but as the time has gone by, bronchitis attacks have been easing off, and we’ve been very happy. I certainly recommend dr. Despot. The effort is big, but it’s certainly worth it.”

Bratoš Ivana

(asthmatic bronchitis)

”The way of thinking that I have had before using RWE and after it, can not be compared. My approach towards myself and to life in general, has changed. At the beginning of therapy, I’vehad fears that I wouldn’t adjust to a new treatment, that the changes in my diet would be in vain…but I went on. Month after month, improvements were there; although I actually expected nothing. A breathing which was heavy, suddenly is easy. A heart which was palpitating, now is serene. I learned how to treat myself; and this knowledge can no one take from me now. Dr. Despot asked for my effort and consistency, and in return he gave me health, which couldn’t be given to me by all the other doctors. Now I appreciate food that I eat. I am very grateful for his help. These things mean life. I am so happy.”

A. B. ( asthmatic bronchitis )

”I feel a great thankfulness and respect towards a therapeutic approach of dr. Despot. His integral approach demands certain effort, discipline and consistency in the beginning, but the results are excellent. Now, after a certain period of time, I can testify from my own experience – with dr. Despot’s treatment a complete recovery and balance of body and mind follows. Ulcerative colitis symptoms have disappeared.”

Škara Branko

(Ulcerative colitis)

”I was introduced to Despot family by my husband, who was a friend with Duro. When I’ve heard that he doesn’t consider him a sick man because of his psychological tics, I knew that he was more than just a simple doctor. He taught him how to live with it and accept it that he was different than the others. Namely, my husband had very pronounced tics which were psychological in nature, and which could not be cured by the medications which were constantly prescribed and considered to be a long time solution for his problem. In one period of his life when guided by dr. Despot there were days, weeks and months when he wouldn’t make a single tic. Besides this, the youngest patient in our family was our son, who had a first asthmatic attack when onl three months old. He was a very sensitive little boy with a poor immunity. Who has kids, knows what we’ve been through. Classic medicine couldn’t help us. Asthmatic attacks were more frequent, and he was getting weaker. Oftentimes he was prescribed medications which he wouldn’t tolerate; plus he used to get frequent lung infections. We started using RWE and together with diet advices followed, we achieved tremendous results. We were happy to have a doctor who had this illness himself, so he always guided us directly.

I’ve been listening stories about genetic influence my whole life. Dr. Despot challenged these sayings too. My mother has died young because of high blood pressure, and many of my cousins have high blood pressure issues too. One morning I woke up with a heavy headache, which wouldn’t go away even after three painkiller pills. I went to an emergency and they measured a high blood pressure and after I told them my family history, they put me on antihypertensive pills and told me that most probably I would have to be taking them forever. I couldn’t agree with that! Duro gave me RWE and a proper diet advices. I changed my life completely. I lost weight, I wasn’t taking no pills, I didn’t surf on the internet and I listened to dr’s advices completely.

At 41 years of age, I decided for a big change in my life, I went living and working to another country with another language speaking; with no hypertension, healthy heart and with no pills taking. But I always have Duro’s books, creams, crystals and all the recipes from Marizela which are the most valuable treasures that I received from someone. I am so happy to know them and that they are always there for me and my family.”

Marsela,Damir,Franjo i Matea Gilja

”I’ve had neurodermatitis for 15 years. In the beginning, there was only redness, then thickening, and then about once monthly, itchy patches would appear. After many tests, a small sensitivity was demonstrated on a dust and grass pollen, so I was prescribed with antihistamine, special skin covers an some vitamins. Skin plaques would go away, but they would soon be back. Antihistamine would make me sleepy, so I didn’t use it for too long. As soon as I started dr.Despot’s therapy, changes on the skin would ease off and after a while completely go away, so I have no itch any more. I also breath more easily.”