Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that changes the life cycle of skin cells. They tend to reach the skin surface much faster than normal, which causes thick, dry, itchy and silvery plaques to appear.

Psoriasis can come together with psoriatic arthritis, characterized by painful and swollen joints.

Classical treatment consists of corticosteroids, which aim is to suppress the immune system. It tends to provide some relief, which brings to an obvious conclusion that abnormally altered immune system has a lot to do with psoriasis. However, corticosteroids can not be taken for a long time, due to potential for serious side effects.

Some other topical treatment may be prescribed, like salicylic acid, moisturizers or calcineurin inhibitors.

Phototherapy is also used. In spite of a range of modern medicine options, effective treatment can oftentimes be very challenging and limited by all the classical treatment methods.


Dr. Despot does not treat psoriasis topically, but sistemically; by proper diet instructions and Red Wine Extract for the period od 6 to 9 months.

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