Neurodermatitis / Atopic dermatitis are two very similar common itchy skin disorders. They often begin with an itch, which especially in neurodermatitis result in focal patches – one or many. These skin patches may become thickened and discolored.

Oftentimes itch is so intense that it severely irritate patients.

Both of these disorders appear as an abnormal reaction of the body to a certain factor, sometimes external – insect bite or stress, but according to dr. Despot, also internal, which is a breaking point to be treated by dr. Despot’s therapy.

Classically, help is usually very limited. It consists of moisturizers and greasy preparations which try to calm and protect the skin. Topical corticosteroid medications are often prescribed, but may be used only in a limited period of time (up to two weeks).

Our approach

Unlike classical approach, which is oriented to treat symptoms rather than the cause, our treatment is oriented towards the underground immune disorder in the body. It lasts between 6-9 months.

Topical moisturizers may be used in the beginning, but safe long-term success is achieved by proper diet instructions and by usage of Red Wine Extract. When success is achieved, symptomatic medications are abandoned when no longer needed.

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