High blood pressure is a chronic condition in which force of the blood is high enough that it may cause permanent and serious health problems. It is easy to detect it, but it may not always be easy to treat it, or it gets treated but with medications which cause unpleasant and troublesome side-effects.

By dr. Despot’s professional experience, essential hypertension is a consequence of abnormal lifestyle, and it can be regulated by proper diet and usage of Red Wine Extract. A term ”proper diet”, means avoiding of gluten-containing foods and ”altered foods”.

Foods which are in our natural surroundings are in complete harmony with their planetary energetic balance. After we pick them up, for some period of time, they are still in this harmony; but by various modern processing methods they lose their natural energetic potential.

For example, a grain of rice is in a complete energetic yin-yang balance, but when we grind it down, it loses its natural potential.

The more processed the food is, the more it loses its energetic balance, and we call it ALTERED FOOD/ALIMENT. Do not use altered aliments.

Our approach

Essential hypertension is treated by Red Wine Extract together with proper diet instructions for the period of 6-9 months. For all the questions and quires, don’t hesitate, contact us.