Asthma is a chronic disease involving the airways in the lungs, which allow the air to come in and out of the lungs. Asthma is characterised by inflammation, oedema (lining of the airways are swollen) and bronchospasm (narrowing of the tubes which carry the air). These especially occur as a result of the stimuli (allergic asthma), like dust, pet dander, pollen or mold. As a result of abnormal immune reaction, these factors cause the passages in the airways of the lungs to become inflamed and swollen. This results in coughing and wheezing, as the most common asthma symptoms.


Nowadays modern medicine uses various drugs whose purpose is to alleviate the air tubes inflammation and to dilate them, in the moments of asthmatic attack. It is commonly said that asthma can not be cured, which means that until now, little has been done to prevent any further asthmatic attacks. It is also important to mention that many of medications that are used in the long run, have a potential for a serious side-effects.

Dr. Duro Despot has had severe allergic asthma for 25 years. Since 1994; he has not had a single asthmatic attack. His life saving struggle has been told in his book: ‘Tibet and India saved my life’.

Asthma treatment

Usually patients suffering from chronic asthma, already have their treatment plan consisting of some of corticosteroid medications or B-adrenergic inibitors; but they contact us because they are not happy with conventional therapy. These medications do not contraindicate dr. Despot’s treatment, which is usually followed until satisfactory results are achieved by his therapy, so that classic medications can be stopped, by the doctor who has started them in the first place.

Allergy testing

Commonly, allergy tests are performed in order to identify factors which trigger allergic reactions. Allergy test is not enough. Some patients react specifically to dust from their own house environment, but not to the one prepared in laboratory. Often times, too many factors are identified to trigger immune reaction, and patient can not completely avoid all of them. To restore patient’s immune system in place, in order not to react to immune triggers any more, it takes a long-term use of Red Wine Extract, plus commitment to appropriate diet instructions, prescribed by dr. Despot.

In his long-standing practical work dr. Despot has achieved tremendous results with allergic asthma. You as a patient, you can try this treatment out, if you have enough will and faith. After you notice first positive results, let us know and we will be happy to give you even more of our practical knowledge/expertise.

For all the questions and quires, don’t hesitate, contact us.