Allergic rhinitis

This is one of the atopic medical conditions, which relates to family tendency to abnormal immune reaction on one of common environmental proteins such as house dustmite, grass pollen and food alergens. Medicine has studied human allergic reactions extensively. Classic therapeutic approach involves creams, tablets, pills and occasionally injections, in terms of hyposensitisation.

Classic medications can alleviate allergic reaction but they can not cure it, and their positive effect is only observed for the time of their usage. Since there may be hundreds of factors which potentially trigger alergic response, it may be very difficult to discover which antigen specifically initiates abnormal immne feedback. It is a fact however, that as modern times progress, there are more health issues based on abnormal immune reactions than ever before.


When it comes to anaphylaxis, it is important to emphasise that help may be found only in classic therapeutic interventions which must be provided by your nearest healthcare provider, but in cases of chronic allergic issues, dr. Despots treatment has achieved tremendous results.


In the pathogenesis of allergies, a very important role is in gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and in related grains. His impact in coeliac disease is well established and known however, its role in many other abnormally altered immune responses is yet to be established and accepted by modern medical science.


GDr. Despot has been using this discovery in treatment of his patients for more than 20 years. Many chronic health diseases may have their origin in this abnormal immune reaction; like other allergic conditions (asthma), ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, neurodermitis, nephrotic syndrome, essential hypertension and also some types of malign diseases.

Our approach

In our therapeutic approach foods that contain gluten are being avoided, and other grains are being used; like lentil, millet, chickpea, rice and corn. Besides avoiding gluten proteins, ALTERED FOODS are also not be used because they also affect our immunity.


Foods which are in our natural surroundings are in complete harmony with their planetary energetic balance. After we pick them up, for some period of time, they are still in this harmony; but by various modern processing methods they lose their natural energetic potential.


For example, a grain of rice is in a complete energetic yin-yang balance, but when we grind it down, it loses its natural potential.
The more processed the food is, the more it loses its energetic balance, and we call it ALTERED FOOD/ALIMENT. Do not use altered aliments.


The more processed the food is, the more it loses its energetic balance, and we call it ALTERED FOOD/ALIMENT. Do not use altered aliments.

Avoid wine, beer and milk which are very yin, and avoid very yang altered foods like salami, hot-dogs and sausages. Original natural foods are in complete ENERGETIC YIN-YANG balance. When extensively processed, they lose their natural harmony and become either very yin or very yang.

Try to stick to these diet instructions, and once you notice that they are helpful, we will give you further instructions if needed. Besides avoiding gluten proteins and altered aliments, it is necessary to use Red Wine Extract. It is prepared as an extract of many quality mediteranean wines, and contains lot of positive high-impact health ingredients like resveratrol and other polyphenols.

Following this treatment in the period of 2-3 months, large improvement can be noticed.

Modern medicine is yet to prove dr. Despot’s methods of treatment, however it has not happened yet because modern science always watches health impact of one or maybe two factors, but when it comes to influence of many factors on human health, it gets very difficult.

This treatment takes between 6 to 9 months.

In his long-standing practical work dr. Despot has achieved tremendous results. Some of those are being followed up here. You can try this treatment out, if you have enough will and faith. After you notice first positive results, let us know and we will be happy to give you even more of our practical expertise.

For all the questions and quires, don’t hesitate, contact us.