Company ”Elixir” in Croatia, was founded by Duro Despot. He graduated from Medical University in Rijeka, Croatia, in 1983. For a couple of years after that he worked in a local hospital, and than he started a private medical business which has continued its success until nowadays. Throughout that period alongside being a public doctor, he struggled around his own health too, which led him to a fascinating discoveries both in medicine and spirituality. His abundant knowledge and experience in these fields will sure restore people’s faith back in medicine, because despite of advances in the modern era, still a lot of people can not find a suitable help for many of their health issues.

His therapeutic approach

Most of the time Red Wine Extract (RWE) is used, suitable diet and crystals which are being prepared for the each patient individually.

His diet instructions, are based on the science of ”altered food”, which affect the immune system. Namely, foods that are found in nature are in complete energy balance with the planetary energy. Once genuine aliments are altered by various methods of processing, their energy is not the same as it was primarily. Many chronic health conditions can be improved by our products and certain diet instructions.


Experiences from our clients/patients